Skross SKR1302132 Reisadapter Wereld Evo Usb Ongeaard

Geschikt voor type stopcontact: C, F, A, I, G Geaard: Ja Geintegreerde USB poort: Ja


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2 jaar

The world adapter Evo USB from SKROSS uses its patented all-in-one country slider system for the connection of all 2-pole devices such as the charger for your digicam or the netbook to the local mains sockets in more than 150 countries. It does, of course, also use the cleverly-devised mains socket solution developed by SKROSS on its top so that devices from the whole world over can be used. No matter if you come from Washington, London or Singapore, no matter if you travel to France, Kenya or Australia, with the world adapter Evo USB you always have the right connection. Spanning: 100-240 VAC, Stekkertype: Australiƫ / Type I, Euro / Type C (CEE 7/16), UK / Type G, USA / Type A, Stroom: 2.4 A, Type stopcontact: 2x USB, Australiƫ/China, UK, US/Japan, USB-aansluiting: Ja, Zekering: Ja